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U2 Tour 2015 Has Already Begun Get Your Tickets Soon

It’s not every day a supergroup like this goes on a worldwide tour. If you want to be sure that you will be able to see the show when it comes to your area you need to purchase tickets soon. The U2 tour has been going since April this year and it will continue at least until very near the end of the year in November.

Don’t Miss Out Be Sure To Buy Your U2 Tickets Before It’s Too Late

You can see each show that the band has scheduled so far right here. If they happen to add any more shows we will be the first ones to add them to our website. Check back often if you are waiting for new dates to be put out.

U2 Tour iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE Recent News

Believe it or not this tour almost didn’t happen. Last year in 2014 the lead man of the group Bono got in a quite serious bicycle accident. Things were looking good for him to recover in time to start new concerts as early as April or May 2015. This was a big hit to the group as they had just released a brand-new album, ‘Songs of Innocence’, that they were hoping to begin promoting with new live shows.

Thankfully everything worked out for the best and now this world renowned rock group has already begun there more than 20 city world tour. As previously mentioned, they are calling it their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE tour. While they are just going to be visiting about 20 cities, they have over 70 shows scheduled because they are going to be playing multiple shows per city. That’s the drawing power of a band like these guys.

They are going to be playing multiple concerts at extremely popular venues such as the Madison Square Garden in New York City. They will also be putting on multiple shows in London at the O2 Arena. First they are going to be starting their North American leg. The first show is going to be in Vancouver British Columbia on May 14. The final show of the North American leg will be taking place on July 23. They are going out with a bang by playing for straight shows at New York’s Madison Square Garden. After they wrap up their North American dates, they are going to head over to Europe to play in cities like Paris, London, Barcelona, Berlin, and Amsterdam.

U2 Tour In Jeopardy Due To Freak Bike Accident

The world and the media were quite surprised to hear that the band was planning new concerts even after their lead singer was the victim of a brutal bike accident just a handful of months ago.

The doctor said that he was not allowed to move a muscle for up to two months.
Bono is taking his recovery extremely seriously and should be in top form for all the dates they have planned. The guys are also planning to release a second new album in 2015 called ‘Songs of Experience’ which is likely to coincide with the second half of their tour in late 2015.

World Records Are Going To Be Smashed

The last two or that the band went on called the 360 tour also had multiple legs and they trekked all over the earth. The band set a record that is unlikely soon be bested by anyone except the band themselves. Their previous concerts made a total of $740 million and they sold just over 7 million tickets throughout the life of the shows. The previous record holders or the Rolling Stones with there a bigger bang tour. They managed to sell just shy of $560 million worth of U2 tickets back in 2005 through 2007.

The guys have not played inside arenas for more than 10 years, the iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE will be there true return as they step back on some of the largest stages the world has to offer. You could see multiple shows from the band in the same city if you wanted to. Just because it’s the same band in the same city doesn’t mean the show is going to be the same. They plan on having a completely different feeling from show to show, with different production, and entirely different set lists. If you attend two or three shows you could see them play all of your favorite songs from the band’s catalog.

Bono flying around the stage with his expert stage presence.
Bono flying around the stage with his expert stage presence.
Fans on every continent are already greatly anticipating the return of their favorite band. Who knows, maybe they could even set another record after their previously hugely successful 360 concerts. They have one of the best companies in the business behind them in live nation. They have rich experience when it comes to putting on some of the most incredible live show experiences in the business. Not only are they reliable, and speedy when it comes to getting venues ready for shows, they also make sure to take the environment into consideration.

The Top-Selling Band In The World

This group is the biggest draw in the entire world. In the last 30 years they played over 600 shows. In the combined revenue from all of these shows was $1.5 billion. This is according to the very accurate reporting of the number one chart company in the business Billboard. Their previous worldwide concerts had just over 100 shows and made them over $700 million. This broke all previous records. With multiple venues scheduled for tons of the biggest cities in the world, it’s possible that we may see the same type of numbers that they had on their last string of concerts.

Trying to regain intimacy

The reason that the band was able to make so much money and sell so many U2 tickets not counting their amazing star power is the fact that they were playing huge stadium venues. These places have enough seating to fit in entire town some of the time. With their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE shows they are planning to return to arenas which are much more intimate, but smaller type of venue. They actually haven’t played this sort of venue since their 2005 through 2007 show called vertigo. This was also a highly successful U2 tour bringing in just below $400 million.

During the 360 days, they played stadiums exclusively, that’s the reason why they were able to make so much money. During that time there weren’t many concerts going on that had a huge drawing power so the market was rather stagnant.

This didn’t stop the band from completely selling out every Stadium they visited.

There aren’t many musicians in the world who even have the capability to sell out venues like stadiums. This didn’t stop the guys from remembering their roots though, their worldwide fame today is thanks to the very arenas that they played more than 30 years ago.

Amazing Production Values On iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE

Every new series of concerts that they put on they break the mold when it comes to production values. They often set trends that reverberate throughout the entire industry each time they go on a new tour. Just like the band stuns the crowd with their ‘claw stage’on the 360 concerts, they will be creating an even more innovative stage by playing the concerts in a huge bowl that is going to take up the majority of the floor on the arena. This year shows are also going to have incredible video components. They will have an enormous screen above the stage that will be double-sided so each fan in the crowd no matter where they’re sitting will have an up close and personal experience with the band at each venue.

Innovating The Multiple Concerts Per City Technique

Apart from the stage in the production values of the shows, they will also be bringing a twist to the way that they are composing their set lists this time around. It is not an accident that they both several shows for each city they are visiting, and they won’t be simply rehashing the show for multiple nights in a row.

They are going to be playing multiple entirely different concerts at every city they go to.
This is another major component of their iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE theme. All told shows will be totally different unfortunately there is not going to be any package deals available for these concerts.

U2 Ticket Prices For iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE

Although they are one of the biggest selling bands in the history of Earth, they still make their tickets very affordable for all the fans. Not only are the seats reasonably priced, every seat in the house can see the stage no matter where you are. They are going to be following their previous model of ticket prices. Tickets on the floor are going to be $65. The higher-level premium tickets that include a seat start at $250 and go up to about $275. There were also be some special seats that only cost $30 if you are able to get lucky and find one.

This Show Is More Than Just A Concert

Most of the time a concert is just a musician or two singing some songs. But when you go to a U2 concert, it’s a lot more than that. With hits going back more than 30 years, you’re sure to get a special feeling when you hear a song from all that time ago. You may be reminded of a time in your life of particular importance, but no matter what you feel the sound of one of their songs is sure to inspire you.

That's a whole lot of rockin for one stage!
That’s a whole lot of rockin for one stage!
But even more than that, these aren’t just incredible songs that make you feel great. It’s the feeling you get when you hear a Stadium with tens of thousands of fans all belting out those tunes at the same time. It’s about an entire room of people that all feel exactly the same way that you do while they sing with excitement with one of the top bands in the world. But he even goes farther than that. These shows are an experience. Not only will you hear amazing songs, you will get to spend time with other fans of the band, you may even get the chance to go on a road trip and hang out with some of your loved ones while you share this experience.

There will definitely be tons of fans there before the show starts, and this is an excellent chance to get to know some of your fellow concert going brothers and sisters. Some of the greatest parts of the show can be waiting in line talking about all the amazing times that you and your fellow concertgoers have shared while listening to the songs that Adam, Larry, edge, and Bono had created. It’s the travel, the interaction, and the music that make this a once in a lifetime experience. Make sure to buy U2 tickets while there’s still available. It’s guaranteed that every ticket is going to sell out. If you wait around too long it could be too late.

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